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REVIEWS - Self Management 12-week Healthy Lower Back Programme through YOGA

Following problems with my Hips I started to suffer from Sciatica which completely debilitated me; I couldn't even get off the couch and struggled to drive more than a miles without having to get out for a while.

I'd been attending another course at the Yoga Sanctuary but was in no fit state to go to the classes. Sharada suggested the Yoga for Backs course. To start with, like the rest of the class, I struggled to even get on the floor without pain and had to lie on a pillow for most of the initial classes. By the 5th class I was able to move about pretty freely and now I've completed the course I feel great. The exercises you're shown really help and you can carry on doing them at home once the course has finished.

Sharada was very sup[portive throughout and tailored exercises to meet the needs of individuals within the class if someone was having a particular problem.

Dave April 2022


Having trapped my sciatic nerve between Christmas and New Year and having had to resort to taking tablets prescribed by the doctor, a friend recommended the Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs course at The Yoga Sanctuary. What a revelation! This 12 week course takes a gentle holistic approach to relieving lower back pain and strengthening your back. Even after the first couple of weeks there was a definite improvement. This course gives you the tool kit to keep your back healthy for life and I would definitely recommend this to anyone suffering from lower back pain. Kirsteen Booy April 2022

—————-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Having completed the 12 week "yoga for healthy lower backs" course at yoga sanctuary I am sleeping more comfortable knowing more on how to align my spine when in bed, sitting, lifting/carrying shopping. I'm in my 80s and have arthritic knees, I need to keep my mobility " use it or lose it" this course has helped me in knowing how important it is to keep my feet and legs strong and improved my walking, posture and well being taking the strain off my back, older citizens need to do this course as well as the younger generations.. Many Thanks to Sharada. Anne Measures April 2022 ——————----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Review for Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs (YHLB): I've suffered with cervical spondylosis & sciatica plus many joint & muscle problems (repetitive strain & myalgia) over 2 decades & plantar fasciatus for the past few years plus shoulder problems, so, l didn't even know if l'd make it through the whole 12 week YHLB classes, but, l did... because the course helped to slowly build up my muscle strength - l can feel the strength in my sides which makes it so much easier to get up from the floor after relaxation. I also felt alot of tension release from my back & shoulders. By the time l'd learned & practised the core poses, l was able to lay on my back and feel which poses would help ease certain parts of my back to prevent my crippling pain & after going on a coach day trip the difference was obvious - l'd sat comfortably all day. Sharada helped me to tweek all the poses, so each pose is the most beneficial for my needs - Sharada is Amazing. It's been a fantastic class; the poses are lovely & l practise them whenever l can throughout the day to stretch my muscles 🕉🐝

PAT MEASURES April 2022 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Review for backs: Having completed the course of the YHLB Yoga for healthy lower back classes I have gained more than physical strength and flexibility. Sharada has been a huge support to me and I so look forward to her classes. I suffered with lower back pain for a number of years and after being taught by a true professional in Sharada I can now thankfully say I no longer suffer…. AMAZING

Margaret Lamb April 2022


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