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Art of Breathing Techniques



From Sept  2020 TILL DATE


I’m a man in my late 40s and for so many years i Have  struggled with my health, both physical and mental. I've had on going gut health problems since my 20's and over time feeling ill and general life changes have taken a toll on my mental health causing bouts of depression and long term anxiety. I'm active, walk, gym, do a manual job, i try my best to eat well but nothing seemed to help. Doctors just offered antidepressants on several occasions which i didnt want to take. I cant tell you the amount of money ive spent on gut health remedies, powers and vitamins online in a hope to feel better but none of them helped and i continued to feel low, anxious and generally unwell all of the time


A friend of mine suggested a chat to Sharda about the Art of breathing and how it might help.

I started the sessions with open mind and made a personal commitment to give the techniques a proper chance.

Shadra put me at ease from the very first session and i could not believe the difference it made to me from the very first week! I was truly amazed.  Even though i was working away and so my diet was out of routine my gut was so improved i was in disbelief!, following the breathing methods my anxiety subsided and i was sleeping so much better. As the weeks progressed and i continued to follow Shadras guidance i felt more in control of my health and anxiety than i've felt in years, i even had a small patch of eczema ive had for over 10 yrs disappear after the 3rd week.

I can not thank Sharda enough for the difference she has made to the quality of life. Her knowledge, explanations, empathy and guidance have set me on a path to feeling better that i've been searching for. 

Its 5 weeks now since my last session and I’m still putting all the methods into practice and seeing improvements all the time.

Thank you so much Sharda. I’m so happy our paths crossed.







ART of Breathing Review June 2023

I have known Sharada for many years as a friend and an excellent yoga teacher. Recently I went through a period of repeated chest infections and I found myself getting breathless even after short walks. I had to resort to using inhalers as and when necessary. My mobility had also decreased considerably.

Having seen me struggle, Sharada suggested the Art of breathing Zoom sessions over a period of five weeks. Being a medic, I was sceptical but I decided to give it a go. The course consists of one hour sessions, once a week for a period of five weeks. I was taught a series of breathing techniques that I needed to practise daily.

I was surprised at how rapidly my breathing improved. I could soon walk a mile without any breathlessness. I no longer need inhalers and I am sleeping well, waking up refreshed in the morning. The exercises take about twenty minutes daily

This review has been written seven weeks after completing the course as I wanted to see how long the improvement lasts and I’m pleased to say that I have now adopted it as part of my daily routine.

Gouri Bardhan


I was a Medical Student, previously, and was initially apprehensive about the potential benefits of breath work, but I have been pleasantly surprised by the feelings of relaxation and serene calmness that I gained from these breathing sessions. They are helping me take control of my social anxiety, massively. Everyone should give this is a go, and I’m sure you won’t regret it.


1st June 2023—



-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I I am Dr Murali Krishna Nelapatla. I am Consultant Anaesthetist working at Rotherham NHS foundation trust. I am writing this as a token of thanks for all the help that Sharada gave to me.   I have known Sharada for many years, and she has really helped me in many different ways through yoga and meditation.

I was her student before Covid and during Covid, I really enjoyed her breathing technique sessions. I was affected by Covid thrice and first time it was very bad. I also developed long Covid syndrome.

Recently I underwent a Surgery for Parotid tumour and before the surgery, I was diagnosed with Hypertension and was started on anti-hypertensives before surgery

As I know Sharada also teaches Buteyko ART OF BREATHING TECHNIQUES which will help many conditions including hypertension, I joined Buteyko course before my Surgery. On the day of surgery, during pre-operative assessment my Blood pressure was 180 /110. Anaesthetic Consultant was not happy to proceed with the Surgery with that blood pressure, he suggested to give some time and do another BP measurement. after the first blood pressure reading, I started using Sharad’s Buteyko breathing technique and 5 min later they took the second reading which showed 150/90. I had my surgery done and I am practicing Buteyko breathing technique since then and would recommend other with similar condition to practice it.


Murali Krishna Nelapatla

February 2023

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SEVERE FORM OF ASTHMA SINCE CHILDHOOD -  RELIEVED

I am pleased to share my experiences on the Art of Breathing techniques that I learnt from you. I had joined the course on. 13 -10-20. I am an asthmatic since my childhood.  After coming to this country, (more than 40 years now) my GP suggested me to take inhaler, after several years again 2nd inhaler was prescribed  and was told that I have to live with this condition for the rest of my life.  My condition was getting from bad to worse and I used to get breathless even when I went for a short walk. With Sharada's blessings I joined  the above course which helped me a lot. I am doing breathing techniques twice every day, along with little physical exercises, walking, and also diets.

At the Beginning my CP was just 8.0,  I am so pleased to say that I am on a steady 40.  Today  it is 40.11. I do keep my inhaler with me as per Sharada s advice and I very rarely use  my inhaler. My chest is so light now I can do my all my house work with ease and comfort. & go for walks. I feel so happy now Sharada. With great determination  you can achieve anything in life. Thanks to Sharada from the  bottom of my heart 🙏 All this credit goes to you. You are the best teacher. Thank you🙏 

From Jyothi Kamath



I have just finished Sharada's Art of Breathing course and as well as finding it enlightening and enjoyable I am now beginning to reap the benefits both physically and mentally.   I came across this course on the website whilst searching for a Yoga class in Rotherham - what a serendipitous find!

Having had two episodes of pneumonia as an adult ( which required hospitalisation) and a childhood history of asthma I got in touch with Sharada straight away.

I have only recently finished the course and know that it is now necessary to practise the exercises regularly to attain significant improvement but already my breathing is noticeably calmer and there is the added bonus of seeing a reduced level of anxiety which is something I am prone to.  I feel calmer and more positive - it has been quite a revelation that this is a very important bonus of learning to breathe  properly.

Sharada tailors her lessons to the individual, this is not a one size fits all syllabus, and I'm sure it is a major factor in making the course so successful.  I highly recommend this course and Sharada as a teacher. It has already  helped me a great deal and I am only in the early stages of appreciating all its benefits. 
thank you Sharada,  you are a Godsend.   

Marian Walsh





A review of the Breathing plus classes - I started with a sudden onset of vertigo on Christmas Eve 2019. It was initially quite bad but then settled and was only triggered by certain movements, particularly bending forwards or backwards . This made doing my usual yoga classes very difficult.

Following that, 6 months later I had 3 episodes of quite bad atrial fibrillation over the course of 3 months, requiring hospital visits and a cardioversion where they shock your heart into a normal rhythm.

I had always been a fit and healthy person and I got quite down and anxious about my problems. I was very scared of having another episode requiring hospital admission whilst there was a Covid crisis.

Due to the Covid situation, Sharada had started some online yoga classes that she felt would benefit everybody but particularly people with certain conditions. The classes were based on the Buteyko method but included some of Sharadas own techniques gathered over many years teaching yoga.

It has been a gradual process, but a year on from when the vertigo started I am completely clear of that. It has been over 4 months since I had an episode of atrial fibrillation. I am sleeping better and am generally less anxious.

I was a recently seen by the consultant cardiologist who decided I had progressed so well, I did not require any medication.

I would recommend Sharadas breathing plus classes to anybody. Everybody will gain something from attending them but especially people with conditions such as asthma, anxiety or in my case atrial fibrillation.

Our particular group built up a warm atmosphere of mutual support and everybody had a positive experience

💪 I won’t repeat my story too much but I had a hospital admission with AF in July, August and September 2020 but for over 4 months now since starting your Specialist Breathing sessions, I have not had any major issues and do not need medication. I am also calmer and less anxious. 

Hi Sharada - Just dropping you a note to thank you for your support over the last year and to tell you that the vertigo which started on Christmas Eve 2019 has finally gone. A bit of a miracle because it was making it very difficult for me to do some of the yoga. My head feels clearer too. I am having a quiet Christmas just with the children at home but I feel it will be much more in the true spirit of Christmas. You brought a number of us together and kept us safe in a healing, calm, warm and safe space. Thank you x

From Janet Bell





I found Yoga Sanctuary late 2018 and embarked on the 12-week ‘Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs’ for a long-standing lower back problem. The positive results were alarming, after years of thinking I’d never be able to improve my physical wellbeing! I was enjoying the classes until COVID 19 rudely interrupted them, but I diligently followed my course notes and felt motivated to develop further. Sharada then encouraged me to join her ‘lock-down’ Zoom classes and my strength and confidence continued to grow. At the same time, Sharada was developing her Breathing Plus programme and she invited me to participate because she knew about my previous Bronchiectasis diagnosis, and she knew I was missing attending Breathing Space for physiotherapy as a result of the pandemic. The results have honestly been like a breath of fresh air – sorry for the pun!  Seriously, the techniques we’ve learned help me manage my condition and build on those in the Active Cycle of Breathing which NHS Physiotherapists first introduced me to. There are added benefits too… the techniques help to manage my anxiety levels, and my overall physical health improved because effective breathing improves posture and core strength. Plus, having a better understanding of breath has really helped me develop my Yoga practice.

Learning the importance of breath has been enlightening – Sharada has shared her experience and supported everyone in the group collectively, while relating to each individual with care and dedication. Indeed, we’ve learned from and encouraged each other too. I think a ‘maintenance class’ would be a good idea to help us keep up the valuable breathing techniques and awareness.  THANK YOU for being there Sharada... so glad I found you!🙏🏻

Julie Williamson 


After many months of illness , followed by a diagnosis I decided to give Sharada’s breathing class a go.  I found the course gave a really useful insight on how to  slow down and  put my health first.  Sharada highlighted the bad habits I had adopted and through the breathing exercises she taught me, I increased the length of time I could hold my breath . The science behind our breathing habits is fascinating and the practical exercises are adapted to suit the needs and lifestyle of the person Sharada teaches.  Sharada’s experience and knowledge is invaluable in both her yoga classes as well as the breathing course, and certainly helped me to change my priorities and embrace the importance of breathing exercises.



Breathlessness, heart palpitations, joint pains relieved


Couple of years back, I had noticed a change in my breathing, heart palpitations, sleeplessness and getting up many times during night with extreme thirst. I also had a lot of joint pain, knee pain, back pain and I thought they were probably some of the symptoms of the menopause period.

I met Mrs. Sharada Rao this March and had a one-to-one with her on zoom.  After just two sessions she regulated my breathing, and made me realise that  it was a wrong way of breathing that had become a habit and was causing me to feel stressed and like a chain reaction, one problem was giving rise to another. The breathing therapies taught by her have immensely benefited me. I now breathe well, sleep well, feel more lighter, relaxed and energetic. I sleep continuously and no longer get up at nights. Many thanks dear for bringing about a wonderful change in my life.

Like most people, not only me, my doctor too associated my problems to menopause. But, when the problems were getting resolved one after the other just by correcting the breathing method, was I truly amazed by the technique. I strongly recommend the various breathing techniques taught by her to all people irrespective of health problems or not. You will be surprised at the positive impact it has on your body."

Indira Natarajan

MAY 2021




I have known Sharada for a few years now. She is an amazing person with a wealth of knowledge and takes individual attention on the needs of her students.

 I had improved a lot in my strength and flexibility with general yoga sessions with her but felt breathless on exertion like climbing stairs or walking uphill. I also had a bloating sensation all the time and felt very uncomfortable. 

As suggested by her, I joined the specialist ART OF BREATHING SESSIONS on zoom.  Its then I realized that my breathing was not good and learnt to regulate my breathing through the various individualised home exercises that Sharada planned for me through her lessons.  I must stress here that home practice is a must.

With Sharada's SPECIALIST breathing techniques, support and guidance I am happy to say that in a span of 6 weeks, I have improved a lot and am still improving.  I must mention here that I used to get recurrent sinusitis and severe headache associated with this and after completing the 5 week sessions, I have not had an episode of sinusitis yet.

Overall my health has improved and I feel energetic.

I strongly recommend her classes.  Regards  Thankyou

Dr. Remy George.

19TH MARCH 2021




It is now just over 12 weeks since I did the 5 week Breathing Plus course with my yoga teacher Sharada. We were introduced to the Buteyko method. Being a doctor, I was a bit sceptical as the techniques are rather different to the ones we have been used to. But I also trusted Sharada knowing that she always aimed to improve the health of her students in the best way possible.

I had suffered from pneumonia a few years ago and this had left me with residual breathing problems greatly helped with the sessions at Breathing Space.

During lockdown, Sharada had started Pranayama - yoga breathing - classes on Zoom for all her students and this was most helpful.

I decided to do the Breathing Plus course to see if I could improve my lung capacity which has always been on the low side.

At the end of the 12 weeks of practice I am pleasantly surprised to find that lung capacity has definitely improved; my resting breath rate is below 10 per minute; I am sleeping better and no longer snoring.

At the end of 12 weeks, we had a follow- up session with many of the students attending

It was good to find that many of them reported sleeping better; feeling generally more energetic and less stressed. Some had been able to reduce their use of inhalers too. It was very encouraging to know that there are techniques to help more people with breathing problems.

I must stress that this practice needs to be regular and adhered to, in order to see these promising results.

From Dr Gowri Bardhan




Just a note to thank you for your help following my recent infection with COVID-19 , and getting Pneumonia and Suspected pulmonary mini emboli during my recovery phase. As you are aware I was getting very short of breath, and was awaiting for physiotherapist to give me breathing exercises etc . Your starting of Zoom breathing  classes was Divine intervention . Your  7 step breathing exercise plan and using micro pore at night has helped me tremendously. I have started walk since 10/7 and try and follow your advice while on walk with Short inspiration and prolonged breathing , using one nostril at a time No mouth Breathing etc . If I get shortness of Breath, while walking I stop and tend to do step ladder inhalation and exhalation and after couple of minutes recommence my walk . 

I cancelled my physiotherapist appointment and informed my GP about  your Private classes on Zoom. Thank you and keep this very Vital service , only wish if it was on NHS lot of people would benefit from different regions of Our country.

My Heart felt gratitude for your help at this Novel Approach.

From Dr Usha Anand




-Having just finished a zoom breathing plus course of five weeks with Sharada, I would like to share with everyone how much it as helped me manage my health. The chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, stress and anxiety that I suffer with have all improved, I'm sleeping much better have more energy and in less pain.. I'm controlling my breathing much better feeling more relaxed which also helps my vertigo too.. It's all down to you how I have improved in my health in yoga over the years, & the deep breathing class last year.

I would recommend this course to anyone with any breathing problems, anxiety and pain.. She's a wonderful tutor with so much experience to give to us.. 😊🙏🧘‍♀️ Thankyou for being you 🤗🙏Xx   






I began the course after an increasing worsening of my  asthma over 15 months which became very Acute from April to Sept 2020 requiring  prescriptions of medication of various sorts which I had not previously required. . It had begun to settle a little with the medication as I joined the course but I was still struggling and it has improved  a significant degree over the time since I have been trying to do the exercises 

Although I still require all the prescribed medication presently  to  treat the underlying cause of my asthma, and continue to be breathless on  moderate levels of exertion ;  I can only hope that eventually it will settle to how it was previously. I now hardly ever need to use my Reliever Inhaler even during my level of exercise  as I try to regulate my breathing as I have learnt and have been able to  reduce the onset of anything other than mild post exercise  asthma issues. 

I have found the holistic teaching, of mind and body as one entity  to be enormously helpful in trying to reduce my stress levels which are in part causing this acute   asthma and have been able to have a much calmer mind generally. I have learnt that many  of my behaviour patterns are worsening the problems and now I am aware of them . I don`t always succeed but now I know what exacerbates the issues and I now have the tools to try and improve so I can manage my asthma and busy mind  better. 

From Sarah B 




I have known Sharada many years and she has really helped me in many different ways through yoga and meditation (which really helped me with very bad anxiety last year) I did the breathing course more recently which helped increase my CP  and breathing techniques She is a wonderful yoga teacher and adapts the classes to suit the individual She is extremely knowledgeable warm and friendly and nothing is too much trouble She helped my 83 year old mum in law with her breathing after she'd had Covid had become extremely breathless she rang her and advised the best breathing techniques to get sufficient air into her lungs thankfully she has made a full recovery Its so lovely reading all the reviews Sharads is an amazing yoga teacher and I look forward to the studio opening again in the future 🙏Thankyou Sharada you are amazing Xx🥰




I turned to yoga over 2 years ago when I lost my dad, I started with Sharada and she taught me how to relax my mind and body through stretching and breathing technics that have helped me enormously through the grief, I also did the breathing course that she ran last year, I struggled a bit with my CP score but again I learned even more breathing techniques that I practise on a daily basis, I don’t know how I would have got through the last 2 years without the care and guidance that Sharada has given me.

Thank you so much 🙏 xx  Julie





I have known Sharda for few years now and  I found Sharda  is  extremely knowledgeable, warm and friendly person , she is completely dedicated to yoga and  cares  a lot about her students. I suffer from arthritis in both knees and used to struggle in going up and down the stairs...I couldn't walk properly and  in September last year I was also  diagnosed with lower back disc prolapse  due to which my health took an extremely bad shape . Sharda has been a saviour to me.. a true Guru in every sense..with  her support and guidance my condition is lot better now..she kept encouraging me to do better every day and and I make sure I follow everything she teaches  and  I feel  a lot better in myself.  I also joined the breathing plus classes  on zoom  to improve my breathing and it has helped me is the first time since  then  that  I have not had bronchitis that I normally get during winter time. Sharda, I want to thank you from the  bottom of my heart🙏 you have  helped me in many ways than I can explain .. you are the best teacher ..very encouraging and I am  really grateful  to you  for everything that  you have done for me. 😘😘

Thanks Sharda and you will be pleased to know that I have now also achieved 16kgs  weightloss in 4 months journey continues to transform myself towards becoming a fit and healthy person 😃


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