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Yoga for Healthy Lower Back

Course Price

£225 Course fee + 65.60 resources

Course length

12 weeks

Yoga for Healthy Lower Back


Sharada Rao

Sharada Rao holds 2 Yoga Diploma certificates with 6 years of Yoga training and 15 years of teaching yoga and other specialist skills trained at alleviating other health issues with years of experience.

About the course

12-Class research-led (EBM) course, taught in groups (12 maximum)
12 x 1¼ hr classes taught once a week (with breaks for practising self-management)
Teaches:- pain-relieving poses (to pre-empt, or help with, acute phases); gradual strengthening and stretching movements designed to improve mobility, body posture , breathing and relaxation techniques for long-term self-care
Initial teacher telephone consultation; Registration process; Class 1 Assessment
Teacher available before and after class to give individual advice
Fully-resourced: EBM student manual , 4-track Relaxation CD, home practice sheets
Constitutes a comprehensive package of self-care:-
- 15+ hours of taught group (but person-centred) classes
- 52+ hours of supported self-management (home practice - 30 minutes daily, then
2 x weekly as a preventative once pain subsides)
- 2+ hours individual support (pre-, post-, inter-class)
- 3-4 months course duration, offers continuity of care (same teacher)
- 12+ months additional support during attendance at missed classes
- Lifetime of self-management with simple and effective yoga tool-kit
- Motivation to incorporate simple relaxation/ breathing/ mindfulness/ postural techniques into daily life; back-care education
- Encouragement to return to increased physical activity levels, e.g. getting back to the gym / sports / hobbies / return to workplace
Once only course (course attendees are guaranteed 12 classes, i.e. catch-up opportunities for missed classes, but would NOT need repeat ‘treatment doses’)

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