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Adaptable Yoga

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£8.00 pay as you go

Course length


Adaptable Yoga


Sharada Rao

Sharada Rao holds 2 Yoga Diploma certificates with 6 years of Yoga training and 15 years of teaching yoga and other specialist skills trained at alleviating other health issues with years of experience.

About the course

This course is aimed at people who genuinely want to commence yoga but may be worried about how to begin safely and gently. Suitable for absolute beginners. May have other symptoms and conditions e.g. depression, anxiety, headaches knee/hip/neck pain, high/low blood pressure. Specifically aimed at people who are generally less flexible or have ME, MS, CFS fibromyalgia, joint or mobility problems. It is a gentle course adapted to each learners need led by an experienced and well qualified tutor. Supportive equipment such as wall ropes, yoga chairs and specialist equipment are made available if required. Students learn various techniques to quiet an active mind and restore a good sleep pattern ie., meditation, breathing, postures, relaxation.

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