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Art of Breathing - Awareness, Regulation & Transformation

Course Price

£225 Course fee

Course length


Art of Breathing -  Awareness, Regulation & Transformation


Sharada Rao

Sharada Rao holds 2 Yoga Diploma certificates with 6 years of Yoga training and 15 years of teaching yoga and other specialist skills trained at alleviating other health issues with years of experience.

About the course

A simple holistic yogic approach to breathing problems associated with Asthma, Bronchitis, Anxiety, Panic attacks through the art of breathing techniques. A Russian method backed by years of clinical trials and patented by Dr, Konstantin Buteyko - a physician, scientist and a patent holder of this method has resulted in alleviating and even eliminating breathing difficulties. Some of my students who underwent this program have reversed their condition and got back their life.

No more medication, no more inhalers but simply changing your habitual patterns of breathing and lifestyle. The expected results are the lessening or eradication of breathing difficulties, including snoring and sleep apnea. Apart from this, the method strengthens the immune and nervous system, activates the metabolism and creates a higher resistance to seasonal colds and flu. Please note that you are not advised to stop taking your medication or cease using your medical equipment without your GPs or medical professional’s advise. This programme can be done on Zoom with no physical contact.

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