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RECENT Customer Testimonials

Yoga sanctuary is a very special place. I have been attending a series of classes specifically aimed at people with lower back problems and have benefited in many ways. Sharada has a huge knowledge of yoga and anatomy and a highly trained eye which enables her to give very specific tailored advice. I find the classes have not only helped my back but provided many other therapeutic benefits especially for mental well being and relaxation. I would strongly recommend Sharada and yoga sanctuary and particularly the lower back course and the restorative sessions which she adapts for everybody’s individual needs.

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"From Farooq Tareen

After years of suffering with breathing difficulties caused by COPD. I approached 
Sharada Rao at the Yoga Sanctuary at Rotherham for help.
Sharada, after listening in detail about my condition and problems regarding breathing, 
prescribed some breathing exercises which involved inhaling through one nostril , holding 
the breath for a few seconds and then exhaling through mouth and many more 
breathing exercises.  After a few days of practice under supervision, I felt that focusing on 
breathing has strongly influenced my thought process to overcome stress, anxiety and eases
 the body to have a much better sleep. I will be attending further courses at the Yoga sanctuary 
and will advise strongly to the sufferers of COPD to contact Sharada Rao."

I can’t recommend Sharada highly enough. She has a vast knowledge about yoga but also great skills as a teacher. I am so grateful that we have such a wealth of knowledge in our own community. I have travelled thousands of miles doing yoga, and looking for good teachers to learn from, and yet this fine teacher has been on my doorstep all the time. She is inspirational…….

I never know what I am going to learn when I go for a yoga lesson but I am always sure that I will learn a lot and that the teaching will be brilliant. Many thanks for another great lesson Sharada Rao

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